The Best Chris Chelios Jersey Card Ever

chelios_frontNormally, I am not a fan of jersey cards, but once in a while one comes along that blows me away.

I try and collect all cards of Chris Chelios, including jersey and autographed cards if I can afford them. This 2013-14 Panini Prime Hockey Showcase Swatches card came up on eBay not too long ago. It is one of those cards that, if I didn’t win it, I would regret not having.  Fortunately, I placed the winning bid, which was not much more than the cost of a blaster box.

Panini did a hell of a job with this card. It has a large, 2.75″ x 1.5″ red jersey swatch from his time with the Chicago Blackhawks. One interesting design choice was to print a small picture of Chelios directly on the swatch. Clear plastic covers the swatch, and printed on that is a full-color portrait. Surrounding all this is a colorful frame that isn’t too gaudy. These elements give the card a nice, multi-layered look

And it gets even better. Another reason why I had to have this particular copy card is that it is numbered 7 out of 25. Chelios wore 7 when he played for the Blackhawks.

I love this card so much that I bought a second copy of it.

chelios_2_frontIt is strange to say this, but I actually like the white swatch better here. I know, right? But the small printed picture is easier to see on a white swatch. The white swatch also contrasts much better with the portrait of Chelios. This copy of the card is numbered 01 / 25 — which I guess isn’t too shabby, either.

What jersey card were you impressed by in the 2013-14 hockey releases? Post a reply, and maybe link to an image so we can see it.


Author: Sal Barry

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