Custom Card: 1992-93 Pinnacle “The Idols” Seth Martin & Vladislav Tretiak

idols_seth_martin_vladislav_tretiakFormer St. Louis Blues goaltender and International Ice Hockey Hall of Fame member Seth Martin died on September 6 at 81 years of age. He helped Canada win the World Championship in 1961, made Glenn Hall his first goalie mask — and was an inspiration to a young Vladislav Tretiak.

From The Hockey News:

“I had also found a hero in hockey, a Canadian goaltender named Seth Martin,” [Tretiak] wrote in his autobiography.

Martin didn’t actually meet the Russian superstar until 1997, when he was inducted into the IIHF Hall of Fame.

“We talked a lot,” Martin said. “He always says, ’Oh, you were my ‘ee-dol’ for idol, that kind of thing. It felt nice to get compliments from someone like that.”

Hearing that Martin — a one-year NHLer with the Blues who achieved fame at the amateur and international levels — was an idol to Tretiak reminded me of “The Idols” subset in the 1992-93 Pinnacle Hockey set . Those cards showed a photo of a current player superimposed over a sepia-toned photo of their hockey idol.

idols_gretzky_nedvedI always thought these cards looked great, and found it cool that arguably the best goalie to ever play idolized a guy who played mainly amateur and minor league hockey. Thus, I was inspired to make this card of Martin and Tretiak together.

idols_seth_martin_vladislav_tretiakAlthough Tretiak never played in the NHL, and Martin was not the same caliber of player as the other “idols” in the set, I think this custom card fits in thematically with the “real” ones.


For more about Seth Martin’s career, please check out this great article The Hockey News published about him a few days ago.


Author: Sal Barry

Sal Barry is the editor and webmaster of Puck Junk. He is a freelance hockey writer, college professor and terrible hockey player. Follow him on Twitter @puckjunk

5 thoughts on “Custom Card: 1992-93 Pinnacle “The Idols” Seth Martin & Vladislav Tretiak”

    1. Thank you. Wish I could have found a better pic of Martin, but there really weren’t many out there, so I had to blow this one up a bit.

  1. Great job! I have actually had an idea of doing something about their neat relationship ever since I got a Seth Martin auto. Sadly I haven’t been able to put it into motion but seeing this cool creation might eventually spark something again.

  2. 1992-93 Pinnacle “The Idols” Seth Martin & Vladislav Tretiak card.
    Will like to buy this card but not able to find it.
    What is the card number ???
    Thanks! Robert

    1. Robert,
      This is a custom (fake) card that I made. There is no real copy of this card. So, if you want it, right-click on it and save it 🙂

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