1985-86 Topps Hockey Sell Sheet

1985-86 Topps Hockey Sell SheetThis 8.5″ x 11″ sell sheet was used to solicit the “Limited 165 picture card series” of 1985-86 Topps Hockey to retailers. Unlike the sell sheet used in 1981-82, this one uses four colors (black, blue, red and light blue) instead of just red and blue. It also gave a sneak peek at a new feature for Topps in ’85-86.

rangers_stickerStickers! Well, OK, stickers weren’t exactly a new feature, as Topps included stickers with their hockey cards intermittently until 1980. But their last two hockey issues (1981-82 and 1984-85) didn’t feature inserts, so this was a bonus for hockey fans in the U.S.

gretzky_stickerThe sell sheet shows stickers of Wayne Gretzky and the New York Ranges logo.

lafontaineIt also shows a picture of Pat Lafontaine’s card. It is interesting to note that the Lafontaine card and Gretzky sticker shown on the sell sheet use the same photographs as the Lafontaine card and Gretzky sticker issued in packs. Normally, you’d expect some variances, but other than the colors, these look the same.

comparisonThe bottom of the sell sheet warns “Order Now…Don’t be caught Short!” and pictures a 36-count wax box. It also has a large blank area for distributors to stamp their contact information.


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