1994-95 Parkhurst SE Promo Card

During the 1994-95 season, Upper Deck sold a set of hockey cards called Parkhurst Special Edition — usually referred to as Parkhurst SE — in Europe. Even though the cards were printed in English, they were sold outside of North America, though many have eventually found their way back to this side of the Atlantic. Even though they were sold overseas, Parkhurst SE cards were printed in English. 

A while ago, I found this promo card for Parkhurst SE. It features Wayne Gretzky and gives more details about the set in English: 10 cards per pack, 48 packs per box, and a special collectors album to put the set in. 

But the back of the card was always a mystery to me. It is written in Swedish and Finnish, and I never knew what it said — until I got a little help from some friends on Twitter. 

As eye-catching as the front of the card is — with Gretzky, a gold-colored background and a big ol’ Parkhurst logo, the back is just a bunch of bland facts. It does give some insight as to how the set was marketed and sold in Sweden and Finland. 

The upper half of the card is written in Swedish. It says:


We are treating you to this sample package you are holding in your hand. Start collecting now!

Packs of 10 cards as well as the collectors album you’ll find in the kiosk and stores now. For more information write to:

85, 38622
Färjestaden Sweden

Thanks to Mike Zanier for the Swedish-to-English translation. 

The lower half of the card is written in Finnish, and says: 

Upper Deck`s Parkhurst NHL Card Set KARST is now available!!

You have received this starter pack as a greeting from the importer Rautakirja and the Upper Deck Company. Start collecting now!

The packs which include 10 collector cards and the collector albums are now available for purchase at R-kiosks and well equipped newsstands all through the country. Ask your salesman for more information.

(Note: R-kiosks are a chain of kiosks by a company called Rautakirja that sell a variety of goods.)

Thanks to Jouni Nieminen for the Finnish-to-English translation. 

Apparently, this card was included in a promo pack with some other cards to get Swedish and Finnish hockey card collectors excited about an NHL set. If I was marketing a set of cards to Sweden and Finland in 1995, I would have put Mats Sundin and Teemu Selanne on the front of the promo card. 

What is really interesting about Parkhurst SE is that it was supposed to be the 1994-95 Parkhurst Series Two Hockey set, as it has players that the 1994-95 Parkhurst Hockey set does not. And the 1994-95 Parkhurst Set was referred to as “Series One” all along, implying that there was going to be a Series Two.

However, after the 1994 NHL lockout, Upper Deck changed its plans and decided to re-brand Parkhurst Series Two as Parkhurst SE and sell it in Europe. But I will save that story for another time. 

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Author: Sal Barry

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4 thoughts on “1994-95 Parkhurst SE Promo Card”

  1. Hi, I wonder. How much would this swedish/finnish cards described above be worth today? Im reffering to the “994-95 Parkhurst SE Promo Card”?
    I think I´ve got one. I am mostly curious.


    1. Hi Mattias, I think the card would sell for $3 to $5 because it picture Wayne Gretzky, but otherwise does not have much interest.

      1. There is one more promo card that exists, with a different front, series one style. Its called premier series. For the Italian and German/Austria collectors. I got 2. / Johan

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