Puck Junk Pack Break: 1990-91 Pro Set Hockey Series 1

If you are anything like me, you are probably thinking, “Man, what the world really needs right now is another chubby geek opening packs of trading cards on YouTube.” 

Thus, I am happy to report that I am going to start doing hockey card pack breaks on YouTube. Or perhaps I should say restart, as I did do a few pack breaks on YouTube back in 2011, when I was less chubby but equally as geeky. 

Truth be told, I’ve been itching to restart making pack break videos ever since the COVID-19 pandemic gave me good reason to shelter-at-home. I work from home, and spend most of my time at home. I’m around my collection a lot more, and rediscovered a two-column shoe box of unopened hockey packs from various sets and years…and I think it is time I start opening these packs! 

But before I could attempt to become the George Lucas of hockey card pack break videos — who you calling scruffy-looking? — I had to change my living situation first. I had to find a new place to live, pack my belongings, move, unpack and get settled. I’m unpacked and settled enough that I can finally start creating some videos. 

To launch the return of my pack break videos, I’m starting with a pack of my favorite  cards of all-time: 1990-91 Pro Set Hockey Series 1. You get a lot of cards in the pack — and I actually got an extra card in this one. Plus, I pulled a pretty good card…well, good for Pro Set. 

If you watch this video, please fire off a comment, either here or on YouTube. Let me know what you think, either about the video itself and how it could be better, or about the cards that I got in this pack. Oh, and please be sure to subscribe to the Puck Junk YouTube Channel. ■ 

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Author: Sal Barry

Sal Barry is the editor and webmaster of Puck Junk. He is a freelance hockey writer, college professor and terrible hockey player. Follow him on Twitter @puckjunk

6 thoughts on “Puck Junk Pack Break: 1990-91 Pro Set Hockey Series 1”

  1. I donated all my 90/91 ProSet to a charity thrift store a few years ago. I did not know there may have been a rare Dave Manson card hiding in those bales of cards. Although, if I remember correctly, the vast majority of ProSet cards were riddled with errors (or maybe it just seemed like that).
    I hope your shoebox full of unopened packs contains more than just ProSet.

    1. Hi Paul, thank you for the comment. Yes, Pro Set had a ton of errors, especially in Series 1.

      I have a lot of unopened packs from various years, so I won’t be opening another Pro Set pack for a while.

  2. Great note on the difference in packaging. It’s one of those things I never took notice of. I’ve opened a lot of Series I over the years (50 boxes?) but nothing recently had those silver linings, which makes sense as all of my recent boxes have had more corrected cards than error cards.

    1. Mike, thanks for the comment. Yeah, I remember those very first Pro Set packs had a “silver lining,” which is a great way to put it! They probably did that to cut production costs.

  3. I just had 4 more boxes arrive this morning and I decided I’d open one to see where it fell and then probably put the others away if it wasn’t anything interesting. To my delight, these packs had the silver lining. They also had the old school discount card (white, instead of orange bordered), so there was a real shot at something interesting. Alas, the six hardest error cards were not inside, so while the box is early in the run, it’s not quite early enough.

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