2020-21 Stature Hockey Box Break

It still seems weird to be talking about “new” hockey cards from the 2020-21 season at the end of the 2021-22 season. In late May 2022, Upper Deck released its 2020-21 Stature Hockey set, which features cards printed on thick, foil board card stock. 

A box of Stature costs around $180 and contains one eight-card pack. Each box promises one autographed card or autographed patch card per box, plus one rookie card per box. 

I recently got my hands on a box of 2020-21 Stature Hockey. Here is what I got. 

2 Base Cards

#48 – Jonathan Drouin

#84 – Bobby Orr

I got Drouin and a Bruin! Jonathan Drouin and Bobby Orr. The base cards feature a shiny design that looks better in person than in a scan. The checklist is a mix of current players and retired legends. There are 100 base cards in the 2020-21 Stature Hockey set. 

1 Rookie Card

#192 – Thomas Harley

There are also 100 rookie cards in the set, but you get only one rookie card per box. The rookie cards are numbered out of 399. I got Thomas Harley of the Dallas Stars. I hope he becomes a superstar, because he seems to be the one rookie I got in every box of 2020-21 product! 

1 Gravitas Insert

#G-22 – Nikita Kucherov

“Gravitas” is a cool name for an inset set. I got Nikita Kucherov of the Tampa Bay Lightning. There are 25 different Gravitas inserts — and yes, there are parallels of these, too. 

1 Blue Foil Base Parallel

#90 – Mario Lemieux (Numbered 39/45)

Mario! This Blue Foil Base Parallel of Mario Lemieux is numbered 39/45. 

1 Silver Foil Rookie Autograph

#158 – Olli Juolevi (Numbered 076/199)

And here is the autograph I pulled from my box of Stature: Olli Juolevi of the Vancouver Canucks. Ahem, I mean Olli Juolevi of the Florida Panthers. Or, rather, Olli Juolevi of the Detroit Red Wings. Yup, this guy has changed teams TWICE since his rookie year. The autograph is signed on-card, which is probably a reason why it took so long for Stature to come out. 

2 Serial-Numbered Insert Parallels

Green Parallel Gravitas #G-25 – Auston Matthews
(Numbered 091/149)

Green Parallel Century Momentous #CM-18 – Jarome Iginla
(Numbered 033/149)

There are different parallels of the inserts: Green (#/149), Red (#/75), Blue (#/25) and Black (1/1). The two insert parallels I got were Green Parallels numbered out of 149. While I like the way Jarome Iginla is “skating in from the side” on his Century Momentous card, I do wish he was looking up or that you could see his face better. 

Final Rating: 3 out of 5

Stature is an attractive-looking set, with a colorful, prismatic backgrounds and have a good “heft” to them, as they are printed on a thick card stock. The cards definitely have a high-quality feel to them. But at $180 for 8 cards — about $22.50 per card — is a little too steep for my tastes, especially since you are guaranteed only one rookie and one autograph per box. (Some boxes might have a second rookie, a second autograph, or a second numbered parallel; my box had a second numbered parallel.) Also, at such a high price point, every base card should be serial-numbered. However, most who buy Stature probably don’t do so for the base cards — they do so for the rookie cards, and this is another chance to get numbered rookie cards of the 2020-21 rookie class, including Kirill Kaprizov, Alexis Lafreniere, Dylan Cozens, Jake Oettinger, Tim Stutzle, and Jason Robertson. 

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