2021-22 Credentials Hockey Box Break

The 2021-22 Credentials Hockey set by Upper Deck was released in August 2023, just a few months shy of the 2023-24 hockey season. That makes Credentials a bit of an “old” product, with rookie cards from almost two seasons ago. More so, Credentials also contains cards from the cancelled 2020-21 Credentials cards, as well as rookie update cards from 2019-20 Credentials – meaning, you can get rookie cards from three different seasons in one box!

A box of 2021-22 Credentials hockey has eight packs. Each pack has six cards for a total of 48 cards. When 2021-22 Credentials was released, it cost about $150 per box. Now, it’s around $110 per box. A hobby box contains either an autographed card OR a non-autographed acetate card.

I recently opened a box of 2021-22 Credentials. Here’s what I got in my box. 

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Puck Junk Podcast: 2021-22 Credentials & Stature Hockey Cards

Episode #165: September 15, 2023

Sal Barry and Tim Parish talk about TWO sets of recently-released hockey cards: 2021-22 Credentials and 2021-22 Stature. Other topics include 2022-23 Parkhurst hockey cards on e-Pack, the Upper Deck Rookie Showcase, and an auction for a Connor McDavid Young Guns rookie card that exceeded $100k. It’s 79 minutes of hockey goodness! 

Show Notes, Links and Images:
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Upper Deck NHLPA Rookie Photo Shoot (Sports Collectors Digest)
Sal’s story on how he got a Tuukka Rask rookie card (Puck Junk)

2021-22 Stature base card
2021-22 Stature rookie card
2021-22 Stature autographed card
2021-22 Credentials base card
2021-22 Credentials rookie card
2021-22 Credentials autographed card

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