Pittsburgh Penguins toothbrush

My sister gave this to me a few years ago. I still haven’t gotten around to opening and using it…and I probably never will:

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The Slap Shot Hockey Stick Toothbrush, made by a company aptly named Sportbrush, is “Your best shot against tooth decay.” It is a toothbrush that is shaped like a hockey stick, and comes with a black “self adhesive puck holder”, which you would mount on your bathroom wall and use to hold the toothbrush. There’s something ironic about using a puck to hold a hockey stick.)

Other facts you would need to know about this hygiene product:

  • Four top row quality brush
  • Sporty handle allows for firm grip
  • Professionally designed with soft-end rounded bristlesand most importantly

While the copyright date on the packaging says 1987, this was most likely made in the early or mid 1990s, since it uses the “nineties” Penguins logo. I guess Sportsbrush didn’t update their packaging design all that much throughout the years.

Since I’m not going to open this, I’m not going to write a review. Sorry. I know you are all dying to know how great this toothbrush is. But what am I supposed to say? How the “sporty handle” really gives me the grip I need to clean my teeth? Or go on and on about the self-adhesive quality of the “puck holder”?

Nah. I think some things are left best unsaid.


Author: Sal Barry

Sal Barry is the editor and webmaster of Puck Junk. He is a freelance hockey writer, college professor and terrible hockey player. Follow him on Twitter @puckjunk

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