Saturday Card Show – A Quick Recap

This Saturday, I went to the Sun-Times Sports Collectibles Show in Rosemont, IL. A few quick highlights and lowlights:

  • I traded cards–yes TRADED CARDS–with fellow collectors Tim (The Real DFG) and Nick. It was like being a kid again. I got cards I wanted and I got rid of cards that I didn’t want. Best of all, there was no haggling or price guides involved. Negotiations pretty much went like this:

    “Here are some cards you need.”
    “Thanks! Here are some cards you need.”

  • My 3 favorite hockey dealers were not at the show. A large, bearded fellow who calls himself “Big John” and deals mainly in newer hockey singles was notably absent, as was this older Canadian gentlemen who deals solely in high-quality, pre-1974 hockey cards. And my favorite hockey card-dealing couple, Diane and Paul Bogar of D & P Collectibles, were not at the show either. 
  • My friend Danny went with me. He’s not into sports cards, but he collects jerseys (the ones you wear, not jersey cards) and logo patches. Danny does well at finding jerseys for steals. It’s always more fun to go with a friend. 
  • I couldn’t find any great deals on vintage singles, but found plenty of dealers trying to get full book value for their cards. Sorry, but I can’t afford $200 for a Guy Lafleur rookie card…I don’t care how near-mint it is.And if I’m going to break the bank on one, I’m going to get it from the Canadian guy mentioned above 
    • I did pick up some mid-grade vintage singles from the 1960s. I’ll post pictures soon.
    • I bought a box of this year’s Artifacts. I know–that is so unlike me. I usually stick to the low-end, 500 card sets, but there’s a first time for everything. Hopefully, I’ll open them tonight while watching the Blackhawks-Shaaarks game.
      • Speaking of first times, I bought 4 boxes of In The Game hockey cards. I’ve never purchased any of their “not licensed by the NHL” stuff. Box breaks coming soon.  
      •  I purchased numerous autographed cards–for very little money. But I’ll post those on my other blog.  
        • The show ended at 5pm. Waaaaaah! I was there for 8 hours, and could have stayed another 2. But then I would have went home broke.  
        • Finally, I purchased a 1977-78 Topps Hockey Set for $66. It was in near-mint shape–sharp corners, great centering, perfect edges–but was missing #81 (Islanders checklist). 

          Despite my favorite vendors not being there–and the overall dearth of quality-yet-affordable hockey–I had a better time at this show than I usually do. I went with a friend to the show, met a friend there and made a new one. Plus, I didn’t spend all the money in my pocket.


          Author: Sal Barry

          Sal Barry is the editor and webmaster of Puck Junk. He is a freelance hockey writer, college professor and terrible hockey player. Follow him on Twitter @puckjunk

          4 thoughts on “Saturday Card Show – A Quick Recap”

          1. Sorry I couldn't make it on Saturday. I went Sunday and was kind of dissapointed. Unless you were a blackhawks fan there was almost nothing to search through hockey wise.

            I did pick up a blaster of 09-10 Champs for $6.00 – I'll check and see if I got any mini's you need….

          2. Pretty sure I'll be at the national. I'm trying to lure some folks from Florida and Baltimore into coming into town that weekend for some baseball and collecting…

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