Some CC for the PC

I know it’s been FOREVER since I’ve last posted–actually 8 days, but I’ve been so busy that it’s felt like an eternity. I’ve picked up a lot of neat stuff over the past month, but just haven’t had the time to blog about it until now. 

Anyway, I normally hate on the jersey cards–but not when they are of my favorite player, Chris Chelios. And one of them is actually a game-used stick card. That’s not as bad, right?

The card you see above is from the 2001-02 Pacific Titanium set, has a piece of a SHER-WOOD stick and is numbered 144 / 252.

And this card is from the same set, has a piece of a patch and is numbered 007 / 112.

I have several hundred Chris Chelios cards, but surprisingly very few are jersey and memorabilia cards.

Anyway, this week I should have a bit more free time to show off some of the cool stuff I got recently.


Author: Sal Barry

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