Hockey cards inspired by Shark Week!

header_1It’s Shark Week — the time when everyone puts aside their differences and agrees on one thing: sharks are awesome! To celebrate, I’ve combed through my collection and found five hockey cards that any shark-lover would appreciate.

hayward_mask1992-93 Pinnacle #266 (Masks subset) – Bryan Hayward –  Although he appeared in only 25 games with the team, Brian Hayward hands-down had the coolest mask in San Jose Sharks history.

hayward_mask_backWhen Hayward wore his mask, he looked like some poor schlub getting swallowed by a shark. He must have felt like one too, posting 4.92 and 5.55 goals-allowed averages and a 3-18-1 record, in his two seasons in the Bay.

mcsorley_sharkie1996-97 Kraft JELL-O Marty McSorley & S.J. Sharkie – One is a menacing, cold-blooded predator…and the other one is a shark!

shark_attack1991-92 Score Canadian #304 – Shark Attack! – Few things could be more shark-tacular than the San Jose Sharks logo superimposed above a coral reef and surrounded by a blood-red border. But the back of the card lists the players who were selected by the San Jose Sharks in the 1991 Expansion Draft.

shark_attack_backYou could say these players were…thrown to the Sharks.


Moving along…

pat_falloon1991-92 Sports Art Images Promos #21 – Pat Falloon – This unlicensed card has an illustration of Pat Falloon and a great white shark. Falloon scored 143 goals and 179 assists in a mediocre, 9-year NHL career. However, the great white seen here ate an impressive 21,927 seals, 6,651 tunas and one underwater camera owned by the Discovery Channel in his 68-year career as a shark.

todd_ewen2002-03 Fleer Throwbacks #23 – Todd Ewen — One day, science will prove that Todd Ewen is actually a shark. ■


Author: Sal Barry

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