2022-23 Artifacts Hockey Box Break

Upper Deck is a little more on track with the release of 2022-23 Artifacts Hockey. Whereas the 2021-22 Artifacts set did not come out until September of 2022 — a good three months after the ’21-22 season wrapped up — the 2022-23 Artifacts set came midseason at the tail-end of January 2023. 

Like last year’s Artifacts set (reviewed here), a box of 2022-23 Artifacts Hockey contains eight four-card packs. It is currently selling for about $130 per box. The box states that you can get “at least 2 hits per box (on average).” However, product descriptions from online card sellers state that you get three autograph, memorabilia or “tech cards” per box, either one rookie redemption or Clear Cut card per box, and four serial-numbered cards per box. 

Last week, we talked about 2022-23 Artifacts in episode #147 of the Puck Junk Podcast. But here’s the full box break, including some additional images. 

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Puck Junk Podcast: 2022-23 Artifacts Hockey Cards

Episode #147: March 22, 2023

In the new Puck Junk Podcast, Sal Barry and Tim Parish have a long talk about the new 2022-23 Artifacts Hockey card set. They also discuss Jordan Binnington going off the rails (again), James Reimer refusing to participate in warmups during Sharks’ Pride Night, Tik Tok’s ban on card breaking, and more. It’s 101 minutes of hockey goodness! 

Show Notes, Links and Images: 
Video: “Laid” by James (YouTube)
Video: “Say Something” by James (YouTube)
Video: “Mr. Brightside” by The Killers (YouTube)
Video: “Hocus Pocus” by Focus (YouTube)
Video: Marc-Andre Fleury Challenges Jordan Binnington (YouTube)
Video: Marc-Andre Fleury Almost Fights Peter Budaj (YouTube)
Video: Marc-Andre Fleury Fights in a Junior Hockey Game (YouTube)
Video: South Park “Cripple Fight” (YouTube)
Video: Ron Hextall Attacks Chris Chelios (YouTube)
Jordan Binnington Suspended Two Games (TSN)
The QMJHL Will Tighten Rules Around Fighting (CBC)
Reimer Boycotts Sharks’ Warmup Skate Before Pride Night Game (ESPN)
Video: Marshawn Lynch “I’m just here so I won’t get fined.” (YouTube)
Video: “Get Ready for This” by 2 Unlimited (YouTube)
Jim Howard’s Box Break Fiasco from 2015-16 Contours (Puck Junk)
Images of the mangled package that Tim received in the mail (Twitter)

The card that Tim is hoarding – the 1991-92 Parkhurst Bill Guerin XRC:

Some images from 2022-23 Artifacts Hockey: 

Base Card
Wood Parallel
Short-Printed High Number Card
Dual Jersey Swatch Card
Dual Patch Swatch Card

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2021-22 Artifacts Hockey Hobby Box Break

Upper Deck’s Artifacts hockey set is known for cards with jersey swatches and jersey patch pieces. Artifacts is not really for autograph collectors or set-builders, as you get only one autograph per box, while building a set — especially with short prints — will take a good deal of money and effort.

Instead, Artifacts is intended for those who love jersey cards. Fifteen years ago, I was not a fan of such cards, but over time I have gradually learned to appreciate some of the great-looking game-used cards in sets like Artifacts.

A hobby box of 2021-22 Artifacts costs about $100, and contains eight four-card packs. I recently got a box of 2021-22 Artifacts. Here is what I got. 

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