Hockey Extreme Value 10-Pack Box Break

boxNormally, I avoid re-pack boxes unless they guarantee something spiffy. A few years back, I bought a so-called Hockey Cube because it promised two autographed cards and a full set of 2010-11 Score Traded. This particular box of packs, repacked by the Fairfield Company in Iowa, made no promises, other than a 40% savings.

Still, I was enticed by that pack of Be A Player, clearly shown in the right window of the box. We all know that Be A Player packs tend to have a higher ratio of autographed inserts than other sets. For $20, I took a gamble to see if I’d pull an autograph. Continue reading

Card of the Week: 1951 Hit Parade of Champions Jack Stewart

1951 Hit Parade of Champions 2-16 - Jack StewartOne thing I absolutely love about collecting is that you will find cards out there that you never knew existed. In the past, I’ve come across some pretty sweet cards unbeknownst to me, like this one about the 1934 Blackhawks and another one about Lester B. Pearson. My latest cool find is this 1951 card of Hall of Fame defenseman Jack Stewart, from a set called Hit Parade of Champions. Continue reading


Roenick_RCsJust wanted to give a quick “thank you” to Mike W. of Quakertown, PA for sending me TWELVE assorted Jeremy Roenick rookie cards.

In 2013, I set a collecting goal to accumulate 1,000 rookie cards of Jeremy Roenick. Sometime that year — I’m not exactly sure when — I hit that mark, so I decided to up the ante to 2,000.

Mike’s generous donation to my cause brings me 12 steps closer to my ridiculous lofty collecting goal.

In The Cards is now online too

In The Cards is a short, hockey card-related article that I write for The Hockey News each issue. Starting this month, THN will publish In The Cards on their Post-to-Post blog as well as in the pages of their magazine.

You can read my latest In The Cards article, which is about a nice deal that Topps offered hockey fans way back in 1975, here.

Review: 2005-06 Parkhurst Hockey

Great for fans of 1960s, 1990s hockey cards

400_f_zoomSeveral different companies have leased the Parkhurst name over the past 20-plus years, starting with Pro Set way back in 1991, as an effort to sell a brand of hockey cards with some nostalgia attached to it. The 2005-06 Parkhurst Hockey set was produced by Upper Deck, coming out just as the 2006 Stanley Cup Finals were underway. This late-season set was a great “jumping on” point for collectors who had fallen off the hockey card-collecting wagon, but wished to return and try to get some rookie cards from the 2005-06 “double rookie class” — without spending over $100 on a box of cards. This relatively low-price, late season release was met with mixed feelings from collectors. Continue reading