2010-11 Score Hockey box break #3

So far, the first two boxes were fun to open. Other than the missing Rookie Redemptions, I’m enjoying the 2010-11 Score Set. On to box three…

Results for Box #3

184 Base Cards – This year’s Score set uses a lot of overhead photos. This has to be the nicest one. Also note the “All-Rookie Team” logo in the lower right corner.

18 Hot Rookies – Hopefully I’ll get all 50, and not tons of doubles.

1 20th Anniversary – Yawn…

1 Sno Globe – What the…?A Sno Globe card? They must be hard to get if this is the first one I’ve found in 3 boxes. These are die-cut to be round. Hopefully, this does not replace the autograph in this box.

6 Playoff Heroes – Seeing some doubles of these now, so maybe I’ll have the whole insert set by the end of box 5.

3 Net Cam – I might try to get all of these too.

1 Sudden Death – Since I only got one of these (instead of 2 like the previous 2 boxes), the Snow-Globe insert must have taken the place of one of a Sudden Death insert.

1 Franchise – Thankfully, I did not get a triple of Jonathan Toews.

And finally…

1 Hot Rookie Autographs – What??? This is the same rookie autograph that I got in my previous box. What a stroke of bad luck. This guy is currently toiling in the minors, so it might be hard to trade this double away.

Yet again, I was shorted the Rookie Redemption card. (Click here to contact Panini about missing Rookie Redemptions).

Two boxes to go.


Author: Sal Barry

Sal Barry is the editor and webmaster of Puck Junk. He is a freelance hockey writer, college professor and terrible hockey player. Follow him on Twitter @puckjunk

6 thoughts on “2010-11 Score Hockey box break #3”

  1. I like the Net Cam cards. I can't believe you got three boxes without the rookie redemption. That's a really bad job of packing out the boxes, never mind the same auto twice in two boxes.

  2. I busted two boxes, pulled none of the top 10 rookies, pulled no autos, and pulled no redemptions.

    Panini's response to requests for the so-called Rookie Redemptions…

    "Sell sheets capture what a product intends to offer at an early stage of the development process. As the disclaimer at the bottom of the sheet notes, content is subject to change as we strive to improve the value we ultimately provide collectors. That was certainly the case with Score as we were able to amp up the value in two ways. First, we increased the number of autographs above the one-per-case amount printed on the sell sheet. Second, we removed the redemption program entirely and included LIVE Rookie Cards in packs! This was a significant step, primarily because it rushed the first cards of key prospects like Cam Fowler, Derek Stepan and Nino Neiddereiter, along with Taylor Hall and Tyler Segin, into the hands of collectors months earlier than they’ve traditionally been available. While we understand a few collectors may have preferred to find redemptions as originally advertised, we feel the improvements we made provide a more exciting, and valuable, pack-busting experience for Score collectors"

  3. LIVE rookie cards, eh?

    I was hoping for some DEAD rookie cards.

    Yeah…I got the same response too. To which I followed up with them. We'll see what they say to that.

  4. My response to that was…

    "So what does that mean exactly?

    Are you saying that by purchasing two boxes of your product and not receiving either the anticipated Rookie Redemptions in each box or an autograph, nor receiving any of the aforementioned rookies including any of the Top 10, that the consumer (being myself) is basically out of luck?

    I certainly hope that's not the case because after highly anticipating Panini's debut in the hockey market for this year, I am certainly not about to spend any more of my closely budgeted collecting dollars on more of a product that doesn't even deliver on a stated "on average" basis."

  5. I figured something was up when I wasn't seeing any rookie redemptions for sale on ebay. I looks like some of the rookies didn't get their stickers signed in time so they are available through redemption but otherwise I guess THIS IS IT!

    In all still not bad for 28 bucks a box but they need to get that info back out on the day of release so buyers know what to expect.

  6. I like the Sno Globe insert… reminds me of something Pacific would have put out in the 90's. Too bad Niemi isn't pictured as a Shark.

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