1991 All-Star Game & Heroes of Hockey Tickets

Click to see larger. Above are my tickets stubs from the 1991 NHL All-Star Game (left) and 1991 Heroes of Hockey and Skills Competition (right–otherwise known as “All-Star Friday.” My Aunt and Uncle had seasons tickets to the Blackhawks games. They took me to a lot of games when I was a kid, and probably … Continue reading “1991 All-Star Game & Heroes of Hockey Tickets”

1991 All-Star Game Puck

This hockey puck is a small–yet important–piece of memorabilia from my 1991 All-Star Game collection. The front shows the All-Star Game logo. Unlike previous years’ logos that used a “shield shape,” the 42nd NHL All-Star Game logo is a round shape that fit perfectly on the surface of a hockey puck, leaving very little “black … Continue reading “1991 All-Star Game Puck”

1991 All-Star Game Program

If you haven’t noticed by now, I have been waxing nostalgic lately about the 1991 NHL All-Star Game. Here is the program that I purchased that weekend. It has been tucked away, bagged and boarded the past 20 years so as to remain in mint to near-mint condition The front features a generic All-Star goalie … Continue reading “1991 All-Star Game Program”

1991 NHL All-Star Game Goalie Mask

This cardboard goalie mask was given away at the 42nd NHL All-Star Game, hosted at the Chicago Stadium on Saturday, January 19, 1991. I believe these masks were not handed out upon entry, but instead put on all the seats at the Stadium ahead of time. However, my memory of 30 years ago is kind … Continue reading “1991 NHL All-Star Game Goalie Mask”

Video: 1991 NHL All-Star Weekend

Year: 1991Length: 11 minutes This video clip  shows highlights from the 1991 NHL All-Star Weekend  January 17 to 19, 1991 in Chicago. It is from a  VHS tape that the Chicago Blackhawks sent their season ticket holders. There are many interviews with great players like Bobby Hull, Stan Mikita, Jeremy Roenick and Mark Messier. It … Continue reading “Video: 1991 NHL All-Star Weekend”

Re-imagining the 1991 NHL Entry Draft

Thirty years ago was the 1991 NHL Entry Draft. First-overall pick Eric Lindros was by far considered the best player available in the draft — a can’t-miss prospect who would be the next Wayne Gretzky.  In fact, Lindros was called “The Next One” since he was 14 years old. And who could argue? He was … Continue reading “Re-imagining the 1991 NHL Entry Draft”

Every 1991-92 Hockey Card Set Ranked

While a lot of hockey cards were made during the 1990-91 season, the 1991-92 season was like a movie sequel: bigger and bolder, with more of everything. More cards? Check. Larger sets? That too. Extra inserts? You bet!  The amount of sets made, and cards to collect, nearly doubled, with companies releasing two or three … Continue reading “Every 1991-92 Hockey Card Set Ranked”

Review: 1991-92 Pro Set Platinum Hockey

It was a frosty Chicago afternoon in late December of 1991. I was on break from school. The “Christmas money” was burning a hole in my wallet. It burned hot enough to make me brave the cold and venture out to the local mall. For those who grew up in Chicago, the mall I speak of … Continue reading “Review: 1991-92 Pro Set Platinum Hockey”

1991-92 Pro Set St. Louis Blues Midwest Collectors Show Promo Cards

Pro Set cards may have made the most overproduced hockey trading cards from the hockey card boom years, but if you look around hard enough, you will find a few rarities among the clutter. One example are these four St. Louis Blues cards, which were given away at the Midwest Sports Collectors Show. The convention took place on … Continue reading “1991-92 Pro Set St. Louis Blues Midwest Collectors Show Promo Cards”