Remembering the 1990 Chicago Hockey Show

1990_Chicago_Hockey_Show_TicketTwenty-five years ago today was the first — and last — Chicago Hockey Show. This two-day, noting-but-hockey event was truly ahead of its time, almost two decades before the Chicago Blackhawks started holding their own annual summertime convention. Held on August 25 and 26, 1990, the Chicago Hockey Show gave fans an opportunity to meet and get autographs from current and former ‘Hawks players. There was a dealer room that was focused almost exclusively on hockey memorabilia, from game-used jerseys to hockey cards.

And speaking of hockey cards, Pro Set was on-hand, giving out samples from their forthcoming 1990-91 hockey set several weeks before you could buy the cards.

As a young hockey fan in 1990, the Chicago Hockey Show was almost too good to be true.

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Deja Vu Tuesday: Jaromir Jagr

1990-91_premier_jagrJaromir Jagr’s 1990-91 O-Pee-Chee Premier rookie card was one of the most sought-after hockey cards of the season. As far as Jagr RCs went, this was the one to have that year, especially in the United States, where we had to pay through the nose to get OPC Premier cards. Seriously. Full sets were selling for $125; sealed boxes $250. The Jagr card itself was a cool $15. But through some shrewd purchases and trades, I ended up with several.

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Buying Cards in the 1990s, Memory #2: The Comic Book Store

Variety_ComicsWhen sports card collecting became huge in the 1980s and 1990s, many comic book stores tried to get in on the action. Often, it was just a few wax boxes and display cases with singles to cash in on the trend without investing too much into it. But at the end of the day, most comic book dealers knew Wolverine better than they knew Wayne Gretzky. Sometimes, you could take advantage of that.

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Lost Cards: 1990-91 Upper Deck Update Chris Chelios in red Blackhawks jersey

1990-91 Upper Deck Sheets (close up)This card hints at what Chris Chelios’ 1990-91 Upper Deck Update card could have looked like. You might recall that Chelios’ card in the regular set (#174) pictures him with the Montreal Canadiens. The card in the Update set (#422) shows Chelios in a white Blackhawks jersey. So, where did this card come from?  Continue reading “Lost Cards: 1990-91 Upper Deck Update Chris Chelios in red Blackhawks jersey”

Pro Set Holiday Card


It’s no secret that, even 20 years later, I still love Pro Set trading cards. So when I found this holiday greeting card at The National back in August, I eagerly bought it. It was sent out by Pro Set in 1990–most likely to companies and suppliers who dealt with them, but it may have been sent out to Pro Set Gazette subscribers (though I cannot confirm that) Continue reading “Pro Set Holiday Card”

Review: 1990-91 Boston Bruins team set

Your 1990 Stanley Cup runner-ups!

1990-91 Bruins Team SetProduced by a company called Sports Action, this team set was sold at the Boston Bruins Pro Shop during the 1990-91 season. Appealing in its simplistic design, the 24-card set came in a cardboard and polybag package that was stapled shut.  Continue reading “Review: 1990-91 Boston Bruins team set”

Great Save, Great Shot

1990-91 Upper Deck Mario Gosselin – card #91

Mario GosselinAction speaks louder than words. Upper Deck took that meaning to heart when they started making hockey cards in 1990. This card you see here, of Los Angeles Kings backup goaltender Mario Gosselin, was one of many cards that demonstrated that Upper Deck was serious about becoming the best hockey card company out there, with their blend of high quality products and exciting action photography.¬† Continue reading “Great Save, Great Shot”