Roenick appeared in “Go On” this week

Matthew Perry and Jeremy Roenick
Former NHL superstar Jeremy Roenick (right) made a guest appearance on the TV show “Go On” earlier this week. (NBC/Universal)

Jeremy Roenick, one of my favorite former Blackhawks’ players, had a small guest role on the new TV show “Go On” this past Tuesday. The sitcom is about a smug sports radio show host named Ryan King, played by Matthew Perry. However, King lost his wife and is attending group therapy sessions to cope. (Yes, this is a comedy.)

In this week’s episode, King is invited to play in Jeremy Roenick’s weekly pickup hockey game. I won’t tell you anything else about the episode because you might want to watch it online. However, I will spoil the best line:

“Yo, Roenick! Get back on ‘D,’ princess!”

As a longtime hockey fan, it is awesome to see a hockey player–one of my heroes, no less–appear on a TV show. Whenever an athlete guest stars on a show in the U.S., it is always a baseball, football or basketball player. Nice that hockey is finally starting to get its due here south of the border.

If you want to see the episode, you can watch it at NBC’s website.

Did anyone else see this week’s episode of “Go On?” What did you think of it and/or Roenick’s acting?

Video: Autograph Pull & Autograph Trade

I participated quite a bit in Upper Deck’s wrapper redemption program at The National.

In my very first redemption pack, I pulled an autograph. Upper Deck had a camera going and recorded my lucky pull:

Fortunately, I was able to trade the Sandberg autograph for an autograph of a promising young hockey player:

Who says people don’t trade trading cards anymore? I made several successful card trades at The National. Still, trading is the exception and not the rule.

Videos courtesy of Upper Deck.